Yoga Teacher Training Course in Edinburgh, UK

"Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better you practice, the brighter the flame."

​- B.K.S. Iyengar

200Hr Banjaara Yoga Teacher Training Course in Edinburgh

Banjaara Yoga Teacher Training is a course that combines the 100Hr Ayurvedic Elements Yoga TTC, the 100Hr Chakra Vinyasa Yoga TTC and the Anatomy online course designed and taught by David Kyle.

This course comprises the study of the core Yoga topics as well as multi-style asana practice such as Elements Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga based on the body elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether) and the Chakra system. Other aspects and practices of Yoga such as Pranayama, Mudras, Bandhas, Mantra chanting, Shatkriyas, Yogic History and Philosophy or Meditation techniques are also extensively covered in this Yoga Teacher training, along with teaching tools like adjustment/alignment workshops, art of teaching, western and yogic anatomy and business aspects of Yoga, etc.

It will also introduce the students to the concept of Panchamahabhutas, Tridoshas, Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle, the Chakra system, energetic body and Panchapranas. Our Yoga Teacher Training Course in Edinburgh has been designed especially for the occasion and aims to bring unique education on major topics that are often overlooked in most Yoga TTC. This course is open to all levels of practice. 

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100Hrs Ayurvedic Elements Yoga TTC in Edinburgh (YACEP)

In this 5 weekend Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program, we will journey into the indigenous wisdom of yogic philosophy & spiritual quest and perceive the translation of this ancient science into our contemporary lifestyle.

As we embark upon the journey of unravelling clogged feelings and emotions in our body and mind, we will learn the pragmatic tools and methods to help us soothe the rough ends and unhook us from all the pain and suffering to sail towards Self Realization.

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100 Hours Chakra Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course (YACEP)

The chakras engineer the architecture of the human soul. At the crossroad between mind and body, spirit and matter, the chakras form the yoke of yoga. As gateways between the cosmos, the chakras are the seven windows that connect the inner world with the outer. The spiritual practice of Yoga activates these centres and brings us to the core consciousness of the divine within.

Chakras reorganize the subtle energy to balance the pranic flow so as to travel fully through the whole body, from grounding the first chakra (Mooladhara) to rising through the core to the infinite consciousness of the crown (Sahasrara). Much as anatomy texts describe the architecture of the body through the bones, muscles, and organs, the Chakra System describes the architecture of the human soul through the subtle energy centres aligned along our core.

The elegant arrangement and meaning of these centres provide a map for the journey to divine realization in the individual and an evolutionary map for our civilization’s next awakening.

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