Yoga Teacher Training Reviews

" Teach what is inside you, not as it applies to you, but as it applies to the other"
- T. Krishnamacharya

"I had the opportunity to learn about the philosophy of yoga in one of the most amazing places in India, but what to say about the teachers and the course: Amazing people José and Madhura are excellent teachers and the topics and practices like Trataka, Jala Neti, or my ultimate favourite Pranayama and so much more were beyond my imagination, I've learned more than I expected and transformed my perspective and life in so many ways, couldn't ask for better place. Thanks a lot guys!"

(Mexico DF, Mexico)
Yoga Teacher Training Reviews
Yoga Teacher Training Reviews
"I had amazing yoga classes with both Madhura and Jose, each one has its own style, and each one would make you go beyond your own limitation, whether mental or physical. I highly recommend them, as yoga teachers and as nice people you would have a chat with after the class to know more about yoga as an experience and yoga as a way of life..."

(Tunis, Tunisia)

"Madhura and Jose are both really knowledgeable teachers, they give great adjustments, and explain everything regarding yoga, not just physical practice, and their classes are truly amazing!"

(Galway, Ireland)
Yoga Teacher Training Reviews
Yoga Teacher Training Reviews
"Madhura and Jose are the ones of the most amazing yogis I ve met and I am glad I had opportunity to be their student. They are wonderful kind people and very special yoga teachers. They ve given me a lot :)"

(Zilina, Slovakia)
Yoga Teacher Training Reviews
"One of my first experiences of yoga was learning from these incredible teachers and I couldn't have been introduced in a better way. Tremendous physical attributes due to years of dedication and more importantly they have a deep knowledge of yoga teachings and know how to transfer that to their students. They understand their students needs and are really fun, has to be experienced."

(Leyland, Lancashire,UK)
Yoga Teacher Training Reviews
"Jose and Madura are both excellent yoga teachers. they have a deep understanding of the traditional teachings of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, as well as an awareness what Yoga has evolved into today. Jose has a strong and clear yet gentle approach in his instruction and adjustments, and is a great Pranayama teacher. Madhura's classes are dynamic, challenging and energetic, and I especially appreciated her clear guidance of Vedic chants. I highly recommend these guys!"

(Salt Spring Island, Canada)
Yoga Teacher Training Reviews
"Jose and Madhura are both wonderful yoga teachers in their own unique ways. They both really challenge you in every single class- whether that is within your thinking, your spirit or of course your physical limits! I have never experienced such devoted classes and extremely beautiful and profound knowledge from teachers before. They openly shared each class as an experience with enthusiasm and love. I miss practicing with them both and feeling what I believe is the true energy of yoga. Namaste to you both and thank you for everything. Om Shanti, Shanti Shanti from the cold cold UK!"

(Birmingham, UK)
Yoga Teacher Training Reviews
"These two fantastic teachers were part of the team who gifted me basic knowledge of yoga during my TTC. Passionate, knowledgeable, and they know just how to push you in able to push past your self applied boundaries. Highly recommended!"

(North Olympia, Washington,US)
".Few months back I did my first yoga TTC where I had the chance to meet Madhura and Jose. At that time I knew a very little about yoga, and as most of the westerners my knowledges was reduced to the asanas. I am very grateful to have introduce to YOGA by such teachers! Their knowledge are definitely strong, and I believe they complete each ocher due to their different experiences.They always had really good advise when it comes to the technical part, and their dedication is very inspiring ! I mean just give it a go ,I doubt you will be disappointed :) Hopefully the Banjaaras will wind down to Australia at some point so I could be their student again."

(London, UK)
Yoga Teacher Training Reviews
Yoga Teacher Training Reviews
"Deux excellent professeurs pleins de créativité et très complémentaire. Ils ont étudié le yoga traditionnel en Inde et le combinent parfaitement avec une approche plus occidentale. Au delà des postures, vous apprendrez également la philosophie et l'histoire du yoga. De nombreux styles sont pratiques (Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Pranamayas...) et parfaitement maitrisés. Je recommande!"

Yoga Teacher Training Reviews
"Мадура и Хосе великолепные учителя йоги ! Они дали мне те знания которые изменили моё восприятие к йоги и прорвали мои обусловленные границы по отношению к моим возможностям и моего потенциала как в практике так и в духовном познании своего внутреннего "Я". Каждый из них работает в своём уникальном стиле . На их уроках я получила бесценный опыт в мире йоги и очень Благодарна им за это! Люблю вас и надеюсь на встречу в будущем!"

(Tel Aviv, Israel)
"If you consider yourself lucky then go for training with Madhura! Best of luck to you, she will work your ass off, but in few days you will notice the change in your body! You can forget about Wikipedia , Google etc. any question related to Yoga she is a walking encyclopedia and she knows everything!! Really, I'm
Not joking, try it yourself!
Jose, well Jose does not have to say much! His presence does the work! Calm, peaceful ,strong, patient ...sooo patient, until he gets the best out of you!!
Truly , if you get the chance to work with these guys, consider yourself born under a lucky star! Where the West meets the East, that infusion , is what you're going to get! Simply the best!"

(Dubai, U.A.E.)
Yoga Teacher Training Reviews
"I would totally recommend Madhura and Jose (Banjaara Yoga) as they are so knowledgeable in the practice of yoga, the philosophy and the art of teaching. Under their guidance and care, I transformed as a new person and as a caring, disciplined teacher. They challenge you in a good way, sometimes it's tough but it is worth to go through it with them. In a way, it's a mix of an old school and modern teachings which compliments both world of yoga we have today. You need both the traditional and modern aspects of learning, practicing and teaching yoga and these two lovely, caring teachers are perfect for it. No need to think twice. You are lucky if they are in your area. Grab them and don't let them go!"

(London, UK)
Yoga Teacher Training Reviews
Yoga Teacher Training Reviews
"Una gran oportunidad de conocer la Yoga tradicional en México, muchas gracias Madhura por conpartir tus conocimientos con nosotros."

(Queretaro, Mexico)
"Ho avuto la fortuna di incontrare José e Madhura durante il mio TTC in India. Ho una grandissima reputazione di loro e son veramente grata di essere stata loro studente! C'è dedizione, devozione e disciplina nelle loro lezioni, nel rispetto delle tradizioni che in qualche modo adattano ai giorni nostri. E poi sono due persone super disponibili e speciali! Mi piacerebbe un sacco essere di nuovo loro studente e li consiglierei a tutti tutti! <3"

(La Laguna, Canarias, Spain)
Yoga Teacher Training Reviews
Yoga Teacher Training Reviews
"❤️ I met Jose & Madhura on my teacher training and I am so grateful to have been taught by them.  ✨ Both have such a unique teaching energy - strong, traditional and very knowledgeable. Their classes have a lasting effect & still influence my practice now. If you have a chance to practice with Banjaara Yoga, do it :)
I really hope to meet Jose & Madhura on my travels again.
Om Shanti Om x  ❤️"

(Earth, Texas,US)
"Jose and Madhura are excellent teachers with a beautifully clear and focused style of teaching. I met them both during my teacher training and was blown away by the levels of concentration and in their classes... full power collective energy with a really gentle undercurrent. Together you both make amazing teachers!! Thank you ❤️"

(Marlborough, Wiltshire,UK)
Yoga Teacher Training Reviews
Yoga Teacher Training Reviews
" I have been knowing Madhura and Jose in my Intensive Teacher Training Course in Dharamshala, India. I was struck by their passion, enthusiasm and dedication for teaching Yoga. And they are two lovely and charming people as well! Would recommend them to anyone who truely wants to learn Yoga."

(Dubai, U.A.E.​)
" What a wonderful duo! Madhura and Jose are inspiring teachers who are frofoundly earnest in every aspect of their practice. They are deeply committed to instilling a sense of powerful devotion in their students - with no excuses! I am honoured to have studied under these two incredibly genuine Yogis." 

(Carson City, Nevada, US)
Yoga Teacher Training Reviews
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