Frequently Asked Questions
 & Regulations

Why do you need a Registered Yoga Teacher 200 certification?
Yoga is an ancient practice that has become increasingly popular around the world in the last decade and is being added to schedules at facilities at an increasing rate. Almost all facilities, whether they are specifically yoga studios or gyms that offer yoga classes, require their teachers to become a Registered Yoga Teacher with 200 hours (RYT200) of study before hiring them. Banjaara Yoga and Ayurveda's Teacher Training is certified by Yoga Alliance, a nonprofit that oversees the entire yoga community and lists all teachers and their certifications. They also award studios and other facilities the honour of being an accredited place to take yoga teacher training and become certified. BYA is a Yoga Alliance accredited facility and all students who meet the requirements of our training program will be recognized through the Yoga Alliance as a certified yoga teacher.

What does the 200Hr/100Hr Yoga Teacher Training Fee include?
- Tuition Fee.
- Course Materials: Kriya Kit, Yoga TTC Course Book, Asana Book, Kriya Kit, Rudraksha for Ajapa Japa Meditation, Banjaara Yoga & Ayurveda Bag.
Eligibility to Register with Yoga Alliance as a Professional Multi-Style Yoga Teacher RYT-200 Completion (Only for 200Hr Yoga TTC students).
- Eligibility to Register your 100Hr Yoga Teacher Training in Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program (YACEP) with Yoga Alliance. (Only for 100Hr Yoga TTC students).

What does the 200Hr/100Hr Yoga Teacher Training Fee exclude?
- Flight/Bus/Train tickets, visa fees, personal expenses, accommodation, food, etc.

Is there any pre-requisite to join the Teacher Training?
- Experience in yoga is not required but we advise you to have a continuous practice before the course starts so you can make the most of this life-changing experience. However, successful applicants must be in good health and have general stability in their lives, sufficient for carrying out the full extent of the Training Course.

How do I apply to join the 200hr or 100hr Yoga Teacher Training?
- You just need to fill up the Enrollment Form.  We will then send you an e-mail within 12-24 hours of receiving your application to confirm availability and with the bank details to secure your place in the course.
- Transfer the booking fee of 250 Euros(200hr Yoga TTC)/200 Euros (100Hr Yoga TTC). This booking fee is part of the total course fee.

 200hr or 100hr Yoga Therapy or Health Care Teacher Training Certification?
If you want to register this Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program with Yoga Alliance after successfully completing the course you will receive a 100Hr Yoga for Health Care Teacher Training certificate due to Yoga Alliance not allowing the word "Therapy" to be printed on certificates due to U.S.A. laws and regulations.

However, Banjaara Yoga & Ayurveda is a Yoga school registered with the Government of India and can issue a "100Hr Yoga Therapy Teacher Training" of international recognition but it would not include Yoga Alliance logo on it. 

The students will be asked at the beginning of the course what of these two options is the most convenient for them.
Please contact us for any question you may have regarding this.

Can I transfer my booking fee to a course on a further date?
- Yes, provided that you inform us via e-mail and we confirm availability for your chosen course at last 1 month prior to the starting day of the course you signed up for.
- Only one course transfer will be allowed.
- Banjaara Yoga & Ayurveda reserves the right to not change or transfer the booking fee to a course on a further date.
- Please note that there will be a charge of 250 Euros for changing the dates and there might be extra charges according to high/low seasons periods.

How do I pay for the course?
- Once you confirm that you want to go ahead with booking your place in the course we will ask you to submit the payment. You will be able to pay the booking amount online using your bank account, bank transfer or other options like Paypal or TransferWise.The balance fee needs to be paid throughout the bank transfer (up to two weeks before the first day of the course) or in cash (Indian Rupees) on the day of arrival before the commencement of the course. Do let us know in advance what is more comfortable for you. We reserve the right to cancel or change the course details or dates. In that case, the confirmation fee will be refunded in full.
- Note: In case of cash on arrival, make sure that your currency is acceptable and changeable in India. ie. US Dollar, Euros, GBP, etc.

Can I get a refund after enrolling in the course?

- The Confirmation Booking Fee is non-refundable. 

- The Confirmation Fee is part of the entire course fee and WILL BE SUBTRACTED FROM  THE TOTAL FEE of the course. The remaining of the course fee balance must be paid in cash in the local currency on the first day of the course either in INR (amount according to the Exchange rate on the date of payment).

- Banjaara Yoga has a strict NO REFUND Policy in case a student withdraws from Yoga Teacher Training Course before, during or after the training commences under any circumstance. No refunds, credits or transfers are available on cancellation prior to, during or after the start date of the Teacher Training due to fixed travelling costs of Banjaara Yoga teaching team and costs of organizing TTC. In extenuating circumstances, such as bereavement or serious illness, the course can be deferred to a later date, subject to availability, changes in the prices and deferral fee of 250 Euros in addition to the package chosen.

 - Outstanding balance, if any, must be paid online via PayPal or TransferWise two weeks prior to the start date of the course or in cash on arrival in the local currency before the commencement of the course in INR (amount according to the Exchange rate on the date of payment). There will be 18% tax on the entire amount of all online payments. All the transactions fees should be taken by the student (This refers to the fees taken by PayPal, TransferWise)

 - In the unlikely event that Banjaara Yoga training, workshop or retreat is cancelled, 100% of the payment will be refunded, or an alternative retreat or training placement will be offered according to the circumstances.

 - If a training, workshop or retreat must be abandoned or interrupted due to exceptional circumstances there will not be a refund if more than half of the training has been completed (start and finish dates inclusive).

 - Banjaara Yoga accepts no responsibility for flight costs in the event of cancellation of training, workshops or retreats. The school is not liable for any flight cancellation, rescheduling or delays.

 - All remaining course fees for courses taking place in Thailand (and accommodation and food when applicable) must be paid in full at least 21 days before the commencement of the course.

Why Banjaara Yoga & Ayurveda?
- You will receive a world-class yoga teacher training experience at one of the best Yoga schools in Asia by the hand of professional and qualified teachers with years of experience in the field. At BYA you will receive training in multiple yoga formats including Hatha ashtanga vinyasa, creative vinyasa, restorative Yoga, slow flow and many others. Our  Teacher Training Courses will also cover anatomy and physiology, philosophy, class theme, and all the other tips and tricks that yoga teachers need to know. Each course includes a retreat for the opportunity to get away, relax, and soak up all of the yoga knowledge you can handle. BYA provides a total experience that will allow you to connect with your own practice and help you leave feeling confident to teach. 

What happens after training?
- Before completing their class hours, BYA teachers will be available to assist each student after the training has concluded to reach their ultimate goal, whether that is becoming a yoga teacher or reflecting on the course of the program and its effects on individual practice. If you plan to finish your teaching and observation hours and apply for your certificate through Yoga Alliance, we will be there to help you through the process. If you plan to become a yoga teacher, you will have the opportunity to intern under one of the BYA teachers and be assisted throughout the feedback process until you are approved to teach each format. Once approved in the feedback process, we will assist with placing you at BYA School.

I have an injury, can I join the course?
Most of us got injured in the past or carry small injuries at present but are able to attend lectures or even practice asana (yoga postures). Therefore, it depends from person to person and the nature of the injury. Hence, the student  must  always inform the Yoga school about any injury or physical/mental health condition before joining the course.  The school will not, under any circumstances, be held responsible for any injury or health condition that may force the student to terminate his/her participation in the yoga teacher training or postpone it to a later date.  Banjaara Yoga & Ayurveda will not share this or any other personal information with 3rd parties.

"I was fortunate and blessed to have come across this teacher training online. The description, timetable and teaching style mentioned looked spectacular, and indeed it was. Madhura and Jose- thank you! I am extremely grateful for everything I have learnt in the short time I had at Dharamshala. Madhura is a bowl of knowledge, the one we turned to for every obstacle we faced. She constantly guided us through daily practice, philosophy classes and gently kept reminding us how it is all about moving inwards. Jose was our pillar through this intensive course, patiently going through breath-work, alignment and he always had an answer to help the students get through anything. Both are such amazing gurus, and whether one wants to simply improve their asana practice, or know more about Yoga..I would say GO FOR IT! Doesn't matter if you're a beginner or not. At Banjaara Yoga, we got to taste different elements of all that a Yoga course offers- a strong practice, the philosophies Yoga is based on, breathing right, different schools, sequencing techniques, finding balance, cleansing methods...there was so much to learn in the little time I was there, and obviously a teacher can make all the difference. Thank you Madhura and Jose..again I say- I feel extremely blessed. Namaste."